Integrated Insurance Business Management System (IIBMS)


1. Underwriting Module - Divided into 3 modules:

  1. Underwriting (front office)
  2. Approval (Manager & Finance Director)
  3. Re-insurance

2. Underwriting (Posting)

Allows underwriter to create a new record for new customer and other relevant information

3. Endorsement (underwriting manager approval)

4. Claims Module

a) Claims Module - Menus

  1. Intimation (Posting and Validation)
  2. File approvals by claims manager, legal manager, MD etc
  3. Physical file creation by claims handler
  4. Approval of reserve and service provider appointment by the claims manager
  5. Approval of the reserve by Principal Officer
  6. Management Module
  7. Re-insurance Module
  8. File Registry Module

b) Claims Process Management - Correspondence, Daily bring up system, Claim file update, Claim payment, service provider bills, file closure procedure, re-allocation of files etc

c) Claims Module Procedures - Intimation, reports etc

d) Claims/ Legal file handlers

e) Claims / Legal Managers

f) Archives

g) Accounts