Schools Management System

System Features

a) Security and back up

  1. Allows the administration to create users of the system and assign different access rights
  2. System does automatic backup as well as user driven backup
  3. Ability to change from system module
  4. Gives audit trais of all activities done on the system and also keeps user logs

b) Student registration and ID Cards

  1. Students' Profile
  2. Search student record using registration no, first name etc
  3. Students are issued with ID cards from the system

c) Student receipting

  1. List of all due invoices per student including course, date invoice no, amount & fee head
  2. Distribute the student amount to the invoices using fee heads
  3. Generate a quick invoice
  4. Allocate student pre-payment

d) Accounts

  1. Create type of accounts (income, general ledger, expenses, revenue, asset, petty cash etc)
  2. Transactions - shows cash requests, approved cash, paid cash detail (payee date, mode of pay, allocation etc)
  3. Journal-journal- booking of vouchers, imprest and payment journals
  4. Accounts payable - Supplier bills / invoices, payments, credits, LPO
  5. Amount receivable - Features beyond, credit/refudn, cash receipts, bank receipts
  6. Aging Analysis- Categorize accounts by days outstanding
  7. General ledger- Flexible chart of accounts, cost centres, journal entries, petty cash, deposit slips, cheque register etc
  8. Financial reports - Trial balance, balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash book statement, accounts movement and balances etc

e) Inventory / stock control

  1. Settings - Stock categories, stock locations, packing units, general settings, periods, stock items, suppliers, PoS defaults
  2. Transaction - LPO, GRN, Issues, returns, transfers, adjustments
  3. Stock taking - generate stock taking sheet, stock variance report, stock controls etc