Accounting Systems

Easypay Payroll Management System

EasyPay is a user-friendly yet powerful tool and with enhanced features to fit users needs in their day-to-day payroll processing. With the user in mind, EasyPay was made highly flexible and customizable to meet changing user requirements. The system has been designed to ensure compliance with the statutes of the generally accepted payroll management rules.

System particulars are as follows:

  1. It’s certified by KRA
  2. Can Capture Data for unlimited number of employees
  3. Maintain pensions, allowances
  4. Gives all statutory reports, PAYE, NHIF, NSSF, etc
  5. Maintains Loan recovery componenet:-staff,SACCO, Bank
  6. Facilitates Insurance premium check off
  7. Manages mortgage pay off and relief
  8. Ensures data consistency and accuracy
  9. Ease of integration with financial system
  10. Generation of payslips
  11. Allows for COST CENTRE / CLASS reporting and payroll processing
  12. Has multi user, multi currency , multi company capabilities, among others

Quickbooks Pro / Premier / Premier-Accountant / Enterprise / Point Of Sale (Pos)

a) Quick Books Pro
Quick Books Pro is a financial accounting software program created for use by small and medium sized businesses. The software entails features aimed at helping users manage each of their accounting functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit card management and financial reporting. Other features include: time tracking and billing, fixed asset tracking, loan manager, cash flow projector, advanced job costing, estimating, integration with Ms Word and Excel as well as other software applications and a document management feature. It allows up to five users to access a company file at the same time.

b) Quick Books Premier
The software is essentially the same as Quick books Pro but has additional features. They include: easier reconciliation reporting, forecasting and business planning, inventory assemblies, more journal entry options, and Quick Books Remote Access service.

c) Quick Books Premier-Accountant Software
Quick Books Premier-Accountant software is customized for bookkeeping and accounting professionals with multiple Quick books clients. The software is similar to Quick books Premier but has additional features that include: Intuit Statement Writer, journal entry and auto-reverse functionality, multiple journal entry review, Fixed Asset Manager, ability to work with accountant's copy and more flexible with the Quick Books Remote Access service.

d) Quick Books Enterprise
Quick Books Enterprise is designed for businesses that have outgrown Quick books. The software has all the features of Quick books Pro, Premier and Premier-Accountant but also some other additional features. It has greater capacity, improved performance and ability to support up to 20 simultaneous users.

e) Quick Books Point of Sale
Quick Books Point of Sale is a software that replaces a retailer's cash register, tracks its inventory, sales, and customer information, and provides reports for managing its business and serving its customers.

Sage Pastel

Sage Pastel is an accounting and business management software that is flexible, feature-rich and can suit any business type and size. It has a user-friendly and scalable range that includes:

a) Sage Pastel My Business
This is a business software solution used to manage customers, suppliers, income, expenses, item costs and bank accounts

b) Sage Pastel Xpress Start-up
It is an ideal accounting software package for small business with a single user

c) Sage Pastel Express
This is an ultimate accounting software package for small businesses that have 1-3 users

d) Sage Pastel Partner
It is a multi-company, multi-currency accounting software solution, with business-specific add-on modules, catering for 1-20 users

e) Sage Evolution
It's an integrated ERP software solution and management tool which provides comprehensive functionality and add-on modules to manage all apects of your business

Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) – Microsoft Dynamics Ax

Microsoft Dynamics AX supports your entire business and allows you to choose from comprehensive functionality, including:

  1. Financial management - General Ledger management with dimensions, cash & bank management, Intercompany accounting and consolidation, fixed assets Management, financial reporting etc.
  2. Inventory & Warehouse management - Multi-warehouse management, Inventory management with dimensions, Item batch/lot and serial number reservation and tracking, Demand forecasting using reorder levels, minimum stock levels, Order handling with trade agreements, Order promising and tracking
  3. Sales processing & Accounts Receivable management - Sales orders & invoice processing, Maintenance of debtor accounts, Performance monitoring through various reports including statements and aging of accounts
  4. Purchase processing & Accounts payable management - Procurement management, Computation of landed costs with various cost codes and integration to inventory, Maintenance of supplier accounts, performance monitoring through various reports including statements and aging of accounts
  5. Point of sale (POS) - It controls the fundamental aspects of your retail business from head office and creates a link between POS terminals and Microsoft Dynamics AX, Integrated retail solution in terms of business applications that covers POS to back office and head office functionality
  6. Payroll Management - Employee master Data maintenance, Monthly payroll processing, Deduction calculation including PAYE, NSSF, NHIF and other company deduction, Loan handling and Monthly deduction
  7. Project management - Project types and hierarchies, Project finance and invoicing
  8. Customer relationship management - Sales force and marketing automation, Telemarketing and questionnaires, Sales management, Document Management, Microsoft Office Outlook® synchronization, Customer Self-service Websites, Computer Telephone Integration
  9. Human resource management - Employee Data maintenance, Organizational charts and employee registration, Skills mapping and recruitment, Employee self-service Web sites, Business process management
  10. Supply Chain Management - Demand forecasting, Inter-company trade, Procurement management, cPartner self-service websites, Performance monitoring, Electronic information exchange
  11. Manufacturing - Finite and infinite capacity and materials planning, Job scheduling & sequencing, Resource Management, work order management with job costing, Graphical bill of materials designer with version control, MRPII-compliant supply and demand plannning, shop floor management, product configuration
  12. Real Estate Management - General features, Calendar types, Rental increase or decrease, collection commission calculation, Bad debts
  13. Business analysis - Designer for multi-dimensional data cubes, Integration with Microsoft Analysis Services, Analysis views through embedded Pivot Tables, Balanced scorecard with key performance indicators.
  14. Global solution - Multi-user with security login, Multiple languages, Multiple currencies
  15. Technology - This product delivers you the value of the Microsoft platform with Integration to: Oracle database or Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft Windows SharePoint services, Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Office

Fumas Information Management System

This system entails the following modules:

i) Inventory / stock module

  1. System - company profile, user rights, data maintainance, backs –ups/restorations, audit trail, security
  2. Settings - stock categories, stock locations, packing units, general settings, periods, stock items, suppliers
  3. Transaction - LPO, GRN, issues, returns, inter locations movements, adjustments, merge/change items codes, modify items; names/prices etc
  4. Stock taking - generate stock taking sheet, stock take returns, post stock take adjustmments, stock variance report
  5. Stock reports - stock level, stock transaction, stock reconciliation, stock controls, good received notes, Local purchase orders
  6. Point of sale - point of sale terminal, sales list, pos analysis with gross profit, pos analysis with out gross profit, sales return inwards, monthly/weekly/daily sales, sales by product report, sales by category report
  7. Utilities - emailing of reports, reports conversion to pdf etc, graphical reports

ii) Finance & Accounting

  1. Settings - accounts settings, system generated codes, accounting periods, security, chart of accounts, budgets
  2. Accounts transactions- debtors invoicing, debtors prepayments entry, debtors prepayment allocations, creditors invoices, Creditors prepayments entry, creditors prepayments allocations, petty cash, journals, customer order, creditors credit notes, debtors credit notes, bank reconciliation,
  3. Reports - accounts transactions, ap aged analysis, ar aged analysis, client statements, creditors statements, Purchases journal, sales journal, pettycash report, profit and loss account, sales reports, trial balance, balance sheet

iii) Dispatch Module

  1. Settings - branches, routes, staff, vehicles
  2. Transactions - credit note, exchange, generate invoices, inter-transfer, loadings, returns
  3. Reports – outstanding cash sales, outstanding invoices, sales by customer, sales by route, sales man reports, Sales returns by route, sales report

iv) Fixed Asset Module (optional)

  1. Settings
  2. Transactions
  3. Reports