Online Easyhr Management System

The Online EasyHuman Resource Management System is a comprehensive, cost effective HR solution designed to suit all businesses and allows you to select from a rich array of modules to suit your requirements and budgets.

It has the following features:

(i) System Administration & User Roles
The admin module is the main control centre of the system for the HR administrators. It is packed with a set of tools that enable smooth and organized HR Management.

(ii) Dashboard
The dashboard integrates information from multiple modules into a unified display, ultimately providing a graphical representation of information from various HR functions within your organization. It contains a clean, user-friendly interface with real-time trend graphs, lists of pending HR tasks and reports.

(iii) PIM - Personal Information Management
This module offers you comprehensive employee profiles that capture: personal details, contacts, job history, salary history, terminations, dependents and many other important data sets.

(iv) Leave / Time off Management
Manage all employee leave requests with ease via our useful reports. The leave module is a highly flexible module that can be configured for international leave management.

(v) Time & Attendance Management
The Time module provides companies with a combination of an Attendance Management as well as a Timesheet Management solution. Attendance information can be input manually into the system or captured via a biometric device and uploaded into the Time module. The Timesheet feature allows employees to enter and then submit timesheets containing the number of hours they have worked on specific projects and activities. Both these features provide HR administrators with the ability to view detailed attendance and timesheet data. It assists them when making strategic decisions to improve employee productivity and efficiency, hence reduce waste and minimize loss due to employee downtime.

(vi) Recruitment
This module allows you to manage your vacancies and candidates with the ability to assign designated hiring managers. You can receive resumes into the system for respective vacancies by interfacing your company website's career page to directly post vacancies from the EasyHRM live. You can also connect to social media platforms to post jobs on your company page. The module has several other features such as: interview scheduling, archives for future use, candidates resume repository with history, configurable screening questonnaires, hiring approvals and transferring employees to PIM once hired.

(vii) Performance

This module allows:

  1. Employees to understand employer's expectations
  2. Simply creates performance reviews using KPI's specific to each job title
  3. Let employees scale their performance through their performance reviews

(viii) Training

This module enables:

  1. Administrators and supervisors create and manage employee training courses effectively, while employees are able to keep track of their training courses.
  2. Manage training programs in an organization in a centralized location
  3. Allocate budgets for training sessions to follow a company's financial plan
  4. Have training coordinators individually handle every training session in an organization
  5. Keep track of employees who have successfully completed certain training programs for career succession planning.

(ix) ESS - Employee Self Service

This module allows:

  1. Employees to log-in to the system and update their personal information independently
  2. The users will have limited access within the system as a security measure
  3. An employee may view their leave summary to keep track of their leave entitlements, leave taken and leave carried forward
  4. Since the application comprises a holiday management module, the leave application and approval from supervisors can be performed from the system itself

(x) Asset Tracker

The asset tracker is a great value additon to ensure all company owned resources assigned to employees are tracked. ESS users, managers and other admin users will know what assets are assigned to employees and also can keep track of other useful information related to assets.